Open Call for hackers and makers

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Kaapstad returns! We’ll be taking over Tilburg once more on August 7th, 8th and 9th 2020. During the summer holidays, Tilburg is taken over for a weekend by artists who use the city as their temporary playground.

Want to join us? You can! We are looking for people, makers and groups who want to hack Tilburg together with us. Ideas and propositions to actively hack the pedestrian zones of the city centre are welcome. You might as well visit Tilburg and let yourself be inspired by the numerous possibilities! Small ideas or big plans, amateur, club or professional artist: we invite everyone to send us their input. We want to emphasize that even the smallest ideas are welcome. Using a piece of gum on the sidewalk as a canvas for a painting is as valuable as building a sculpture. And a confessional serenade is as powerful as an outdoor stage.

Please send us you application before May 1st, so we can help you explore the various possibilities. You can send us your application using the form below.

See you soon at Kaapstad!


All ideas will be viewed and assessed using the following criteria:
– We use our manifesto in our selection process. Does the idea use the city in a creative way? Is the idea truly a city hack? Is the idea charming, funny or does it spark wonder and interaction with the crowd?
– The artistic quality of the idea.
– Is the idea executable, financially as well as permit-wise?
– We will take into account the way we can spread the hacks and works across the city centre.

– After Kaapstad, you have to leave the city the way you found it before Kaapstad.
– Location: pedestrian zones, city centre.
– Kaapstad takes place during the day in the middle of Summer, so we don’t recommend projections and artworks using light.
– Kaapstad is an outdoor event, so we don’t recommend proposing indoor activities.

Do you have an idea outside the Kaapstad area? Or a side event? Let us know!


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