Art in

Public Space



16-17-18 August 2024
city center, Tilburg

We question the city as we know it. We prod and prick, turn things around and look at the city as if we are seeing it for the first time. We fight the fixed mindset with our own weapons, with creativity and amazement.


Kaapstad hacks the city

We make creative use of the city,
the people and the things.


Kaapstad amazes

Surprise and wonder is our goal. Charm, humour, and
the inversion of everyday life are our weapons.


Kaapstad bends the rules

Rules are rules, but when you bend them
a little you slip through.


Kaapstad is a three-day take-over

We leave the city
as we found it.


Kaapstad invites you to play

Children and adults, artist and freebooter,
everyone is invited to play and participate.